Trung tâm báo cháy Nohmi FAP128N-30L/40L/50L
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- Save-cost and save-space.

- Available for 30, 40 and 50 fire alarm zones.

- Conventional type.

- Alarm verification type.

- Name plate and a digital display for alarmed zones.

- Programmable output signal.

- Ni-Cd stand-by battery built in.

- Handset built in for maintenance.

- Programmable function at site.

- Automatic self-checking.

- Various test facilities for maintenance.

- Surge arrester built in for power lines.


The FAP128N series fire alarm panel was developed to provide a cost- and
space-saving conventional fire alarm panel together with more user-oriented

The height of the panel comes to approximately 80% of that of our last 40-zone
fire alarm panel. The weight of the panel is reduced by approximately 70% of
that of our last 40-zone fire alarm panel.

The cabinet is made with steel sheet having a depth of 1.2mm (Door panel) and
1.6 mm (Cabinet).

Alarm inputs
Conventional fire detectors and manual alarm boxes are connected to alarm input
circuits to give visual and audible alarm at the panel and to actuate alarm
bells. .

The FAP128N series fire alarm panel has a line-up of 30, 40 and 50-alarm input
circuits (zones). Each alarm circuit has an alarm verification function.

Auxiliary inputs.

Five auxiliary input signals can be connected to auxiliary input circuits to be
displayed it on the panel.

They may be used for non-alarm input signals.

Signal outputs.

2 representative alarm signals are available..

20 voltage-free contacts are available for signal output..

A group of output signals for 2 Annunciator Panels (FIP116N)..

A group of signals for a Fire Pump Starting Relay Box.

Digital display.

The 2-digit digital indicator displays not only alarming zones but also trouble
which happened in the fire alarm panel and in the system..

Alarm bell activation.

There are 2 modes to activate alarm bells. One is to actuate all alarm bells at
the same time, called general alarm. The other is to actuate a group of alarm
bells depending on the location of a fire, called localized alarm..

One pair of terminals is available for the general alarm. The programmable 20
voltage-free contacts are used for the localized alarm..

Automatic self-checking.

The following are automatically monitored at all time..

Detector circuits for continuity.

Connection of the battery and fuse blown-out.

Microcomputer chip and memory chips for abnormal running.

Main fuses for blown-out.

Connectors and signal transmission circuits for interruption of communication
between PCB's..

Main circuit voltage for over limit and under limit..

The alarm input circuits are automatically checked once a week for normal


The following are programmable for setting and canceling with a template on the

Non used-alarm input circuits without putting dummy loads.

Alarm verification function to alarm-input circuits.

Interlocking auxiliary input signals with an audible alarm at the panel.

Interlocking alarm input signals with representative alarm signals.

An audible alarm at the panel during main power off.

Interlocking alarm input signals with 20 voltage-free contact outputs.

Fire protection-related device control.

FAP128N series fire alarm panel has only fire alarm functions. FCS128N series
fire alarm panel is available not only for fire alarm functions but also control
functions for fire protection-related devices such as smoke vents, fire
extinguishing system etc..